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The Lagoon Leisure Centre in Paisley, Renfrewshire contacted CPS Manufacturing Co about having spectator seating installed into their sports hall.  

CPS Manufacturing Co worked with Jezet Seating to install retractable seating. We currently have a partnership with Jezet Seating, the world leading retractable seating specialist. 

Retractable seating is ideal for sports halls as it can be stored away from sporting action and then brought out when spectators want to watch events. Telescopic seating, as it is often called, makes the best use of available space in the sports hall and means the venue can be used more flexibly in the future. 

The leisure centre had two motorised units of bleacher seating installed that were fully electronic meaning the room could be changed at the press of a button into an arena for sporting events. The seats were auto-tipping to make it easier for them to be stored away.

There were 368 seats installed in total; the first unit of retractable seats included 176 seats, while the second unit had 192 seats. Made from wood, the seats were created to match the sports hall’s traditional wooden floors. 



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