A Life On Stage

24th June 2019

creating opportunities

Here at CPS Manufacturing we believe that a stage is not just a stage. 

We believe that a stage represents an opportunity. It represents a chance for expression, for excitement and to experience something that could change someone's life. Whether it's the life of the actor or actress, someone in the audience, or someone involved in a production, the opportunity to be a part of theatre can be transformative. 

One person who knows how life changing one moment on stage can be is Estelle Shutkever. At the age of 8 Estelle experienced her first moment on stage. She was given the chance to be a stage hand during a school production of Alice in Wonderland. Although her part in the production was small, she received her first ever round of applause which gave her an overwhelming feeling that the stage was where she belonged. 

76 years later and she has been acting ever since. She has appeared in hundreds of plays, spanning all genres and types of character, even appearing in a film. She claims that being on stage gives her a feeling of joy that cannot be compared to anything else. 

We interviewed Estelle and listened with great interest to her stories of a life on stage and the opportunities that it has created for her. We put this together and created a short video to demonstrage the joy of a life spent on the stage.

We hope you enjoy it!


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