Bespoke Staging for Exeter Cathedral

24th February 2017


Dating back more than 900 years, the beautiful medieval cathedral in the vibrant city of Exeter is one of the oldest buildings where we have worked our magic during our much celebrated 50 year history. 

We were first contacted by Reverend Canon Carl Turner in January 2013 after receiving a recommendation from Peterborough Cathedral, where we had supplied some staging products which were similar to what was required at Exeter.

Following on from this initial contact a meeting was arranged and one of our representatives met up with the cathedral's Fabric Advisory Committee early February of the same year where the finer detail of the proposed project was discussed at length.

The CPS team worked closely with Camilla Finlay, who is the well-respected architect of the cathedral and director at Acanthus Clews Architects, and together created church staging for the nave altar, lectern podium and bishop’s seating.

The bespoke manufactured staging platforms were decked in 22mm Junckers solid oak hardwood flooring which is suitable for spanning over joists to form a structural base. This unique property of Junckers flooring has enabled us to supply stage platforms with a flush-fitting solid oak floor to compliment the aesthetics of this grand building.

These wonderful bespoke products were also installed by ourselves and have taken pride of place in the spiritual home of the city where a very warm welcome is extended to its many thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Established back in 1966, CPS is a family run business and we have supplied seating and staging systems in other cathedrals in the UK including St. Paul’s, Durham, Lincoln, Peterborough, Worcester as well as York Minster and London Guildhall.

Despite the scale and prestige of the above-mentioned projects, we are well-equipped and readily available to carry out work on smaller buildings such as parish churches, village halls and schools throughout the UK and further afield.

Whether it's for a large historic structure like the Exeter or St. Paul’s cathedrals or a smaller building such as a village hall, the advantages of a CPS staging system are equally the same. The platforms are strong but light in weight, can be quickly assembled and taken down, are very compact to store and a complete stage of up to 40m² can be stored in just 2m² of floor space which is a huge benefit.

Our popular bespoke staging service continues to evolve and we have the ability to create staging platforms of any size, height or shape.  We are willing to tackle the most demanding of projects however complicated it may be and can advise how your venue will benefit from a professional seating or staging system.

For further information about our seating or staging products, or a no-obligation quote and/or free demonstration, please contact the team on 01302 741888 or drop us an email.