Build Your Own Theatre!

12th March 2018

School staging

CPS Manufacturing Co supplies a high-quality range of flexible demountable seating systems, which allows you to employ tiered seating where the use of valuable floor space is of a high priority. Our demountable staging products are used to form the basic structure of the system and a wide range of different seating options are available.

A demountable tiered seating system is an ideal solution where fixed seat auditoriums are not possible and can be easily assembled for use with either stacking or folding chairs to make your building an excellent and flexible venue for many different performances and events.

The systems are nice and compact to store and can be simply reconfigured in numerous formats to cater for the changing demands of your venue throughout the year.  They can also be used outdoors for any events that you may wish to put on depending on the weather, of course!

Whatever your project or problem may be, we would welcome the opportunity of being able to provide you a solution to your problem. You may be struggling to visualise how a demountable seating arrangement would look but the CPS team is passionate about being able to take your project from concept to completion and can successfully deliver on time and budget.

Furthermore, we offer a unique and unrivalled lifetime warranty to give you extra peace of mind. The warranty is a guarantee to the original purchaser of a demountable seating system that its products are free from defects in workmanship and material.

We would be willing to provide you with a no-obligation quote and a free demonstration by our staging expert Tim Gilson. Simply give Tim a call on 01302 741888 to book an appointment or drop us an email with your requirements.

From concept to completion we’ve had it covered since 1966.