CPS set the stage for the RLPHO

11th October 2017

modular staging

CPS Manufacturing Co is honoured to announce that it has supplied and installed a large curved and very bespoke orchestra demountable staging riser for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Orchestra (RLPHO).

The whole process from concept to completion was managed by highly experienced members of the CPS Manufacturing Co team.  From the initial round the table talks between business development manager Tim Gilson, design executive Roger McCreadie, the RLPHO management board, key orchestra musicians, theatre and acoustic consultants, the project started to gather momentum. 

The finished result is a magnificent tiered riser system featuring 66 bespoke Alu Rapid V platforms with 22mm clear lacquered beech veneered block-board with rapid lock connections. The total floor area of the riser is over 110m2, is 18m at its widest point and has a maximum depth of 9m.

The front row of the system consists of specialist bespoke beech veneered birch plywood units with quick release locking mechanisms, all designed to give better resonance for stringed instruments such as the double bass and cello.

Curved fascia panels were designed and manufactured out of specialist pressed and formed birch plywood to contribute to the aesthetics of the building and configuration of the main orchestra players.

Jason Hughes, managing director of CPS, commented: “It is a tremendous achievement for the company to be able to attract a distinguished organisation like the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Orchestra.

“The Orchestra is internationally recognised and has a wealth of history that we fully admire and respect. We are quite simply delighted to have worked with one of the world’s most celebrated musical organisations.”

The system in its entirety was first unveiled to the public at the Hope Street venue on Thursday 7th September at a special performance which celebrated the 25th birthday of Classic FM. Bill Turnbull, the former BBC Breakfast presenter, hosted the party event which was filled with music by Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Bruch, Sibelius and Karl Jenkins.

Executive director of finance for the RLPHO, Stephan Heaton, said: “We’re delighted with the finished product and the way CPS have worked with us. 

“We have only positive feedback - the players enjoy performing on the system and when they play, the acoustic feedback is outstanding.” 

Hughes added: “Initial reaction from key members of the orchestra has been very positive and they state that the sound within the hall has significantly improved thanks to their new riser.

“Our staging products will provide the perfect platform for the Orchestra and its instruments for many years to come - we’re thrilled with the end result of this superb riser system.”