Demountable Seating Systems

11th December 2017

School staging

A demountable seating system has proved to be one of the most valuable assets to many school or church related venues where the flexible use of floor space is of high priority.  CPS demountable seating products are also ideal for any planned outdoor events if there was a need to create a tiered bank of seating or viewing platform.

One of the main advantages of a CPS demountable seating system is the facility to reconfigure the staging platforms in many different formats and it could be used for a performance stage, music event, an award or presentation ceremony or even a catwalk for a fashion show.

Both the structure and any associated accessories can be easily tailored to match the existing furnishings where the platforms are set up. We are also pleased to offer a bespoke approach to our manufacturing process where we can design and fit the structure around a pillar, wall or any other permanent fixture within the room or building.

Demountable seating is very simple to assemble and CPS personnel will gladly provide full product training on site once the platforms have been safely delivered.  Our after sales support service is second to none and we have a full range of spares and accessories if needed.

CPS has an extensive range of stacking and folding chairs and we will be pleased to assist you to find your desired chair that fits your budget. The CPS bench system is also ideal for demountable seating, particularly for a school scenario, as sometimes one seat is over-adequate for one pupil depending on their age.

These stage systems, despite their bulky appearance, are extremely compact to store and 40m² of staging can be stored in just 2m² of floor space.  This helps to maximise your storage capabilities (if limited like many venues) and is also good from a health and safety point of view.

Furthermore, CPS offers a unique and unrivalled lifetime warranty to give you extra peace of mind. The warranty is a guarantee to the original purchaser of a demountable seating system that its products are free from defects in workmanship and material.

To discover more about our demountable seating options or any other staging enquiries please contact Tim Gilson on 01302 238124 or email us.