How To Install Legs On CPS Staging Platforms

20th August 2019

Install legs to CPS staging platforms

CPS Manufacturing’s best-selling staging platform types are the Alu Rapid and Alu Rapid Junior platforms. The popular staging platforms use 40 x 40mm aluminium box section legs.

Our staging platforms and legs are custom-produced in-house for our client’s needs and requirements.


Follow our step by step guide to install legs on your staging platforms:-


Step 1

Turn the staging platform upside down or on its side.

Step 2

Fully insert aluminium legs into corner castings of the staging platform.

Step 3

Tighten the wing bolt using just your hands only. No tools should have to be used and excessive force should not be applied the bolt or the leg.

Step 4

Repeat the process for all of the legs on the staging platforms.

Step 5

Two people turn the staging platform the right way up.


View our video guide below.