Is Your School Stage Still Performing?

16th October 2017

School stage

When we ask our school client base about their staging platforms, and whether they are still suitable for their school’s needs, they normally raise a number of interesting points. 

Some schools widely acknowledge that there could be a problem if their demountable staging were to be inspected from a health and safety point of view. Standards of safety are rising year on year and rightly so, because some staging that was perfectly adequate only a few years ago may well fail today’s tests.

There are also three other issues that are regularly brought up during our conversations. There’s the question of how compact the staging is when packed away, questions about how easy it is to move the staging and reconfigure it into different layouts and styles and lastly, we get asked whether the staging can be used outside for sports day or any other special occasion.

We are confident that you will be both surprised and impressed to the answers of these questions - after all, we do have 51 years’ experience under our belts!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about these issues, or take a look at our school staging section for more information. We also have an extensive school staging gallery on our website to give you ideas and inspiration for the performance area of your school hall. The staging gallery can be found here.

If your school is looking to order new staging for any of the above reasons or your current stage is in need of a service to ensure it meets current health and safety legislation, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.

Please contact Tim Gilson on 01302 741888 to arrange a free, no-obligation quote or demonstration.