It doesn’t have to be a Performance!

17th September 2018

School staging

Question: what is the simplest way to impress parents and make life a lot easier for teachers when it comes to school performances? Answer: a CPS demountable staging system that has been specifically designed for schools.

All parents love to see their children performing on stage and likewise teachers generally have a great sense of achievement after a successful performance.  However, with a school hall that is widely used from assemblies to drama lessons and from music to PE, efficiency and a quick turnaround are two important factors to consider. 

You will be surprised to hear that many teachers are still struggling with old staging blocks and parents may be concerned as to their child’s safety. The old style of staging blocks are not the safest products to use to make a platform from and would probably fail any health and safety inspection.

Modern staging platforms are much lighter, safer, more flexible and easier to move around and store than its predecessors ‘the old blocks‘.  It also means that the hall is available for greater use as the re-arrangement of space is something that anyone can handle in a matter of minutes.

Old stage blocks are heavy and cumbersome which means they’re difficult to move, difficult to find storage space for and after a few years use can look rather unsightly - to say the least.

They can also prevent a school from making the best use of their hall and on a more serious note they can be a serious hazard if they are not manufactured to a standard that applies with current health and safety legislation.

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