Make a Success of Your Events

16th April 2018

School staging

For each and every term primary and secondary schools throughout the UK put on events that range from Christmas plays to leavers assemblies. School halls can be very busy places and so they should be!

We are fast approaching the summer term and your school might already have plans for a sports day, an end-of-year presentation, a PTA fundraiser or a summer fayre before the doors close for the six weeks holiday. But what equipment can CPS provide to help these events run smoothly and be a success?

The examples of the events as mentioned above may well involve having a raised platform for the speakers or performers. If your school has several events running close together then some muscle power will be needed to move the staging around to meet the particular needs of the event.

And this is where the problems can start to arise. Older stage blocks can be difficult to move, and even more difficult to store when they need to be put out of the way.  Older blocks can also raise some health and safety issues when they are moved because of the weight and difficulty in handling them.

A modern CPS staging system has many advantages in that it is much lighter, safer, more flexible and easier to move around and store than old stage blocks.  It also means that the school hall is available for use much quicker than before as the rearrangement of space is something that anyone can handle in a matter of minutes.

A CPS stage also comes with an industry unique lifetime warranty which offers a guarantee to the original purchaser of a staging system that its products are free from defects in workmanship and materials.

If you need any inspiration or ideas for a new stage then our staging gallery contains many photos and examples of our modern staging systems in different environments. The staging gallery can be accessed here.

If you would like an experts view on the way in which the use of your school hall can be fully maximised please call Tim Gilson on 01302 741888 or email us here.

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