New BIM Objects Now Live

3rd December 2018

CPS Manufacturing Co

The CPS BIM (Building Information Modelling) object library keeps growing and we’re delighted to announce that another four seating objects have been published which now takes our total to ten.

The new seating products are as follows:

Our BIM objects are free to download in either Revit or IFC format via the National BIM Library and can be viewed by clicking here. We now have an excellent range of traditional and collaborative seating systems which will greatly assist architects when designing seating layouts for a new project.

BIM objects have been around for over thirty years but the UK government announced back in 2011 that all centrally-procured public projects must adopt the BIM approach as of April 2016.

The requirement for the adoption of BIM in the public sector has led to a huge increase in uptake, meaning that the UK now ranks alongside Singapore, USA and Scandinavia (Finland in particular) in terms of BIM usage.

Please contact the CPS team on 01302 741888 for more information about our BIM objects and how they can help the design element on a new project. Alternatively, you can email us here with your requirements. Click here to download our BIM objects.

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