Safe standing seating being trialled in football stadiums

9th May 2022

Safe standing seating

From January 2022, a few Premier League football clubs are trialling the return of safe standing in their stadiums.

These football clubs include world renowned Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Cardiff. The safe standing is expected to be available for the away and home fans with approximately 10,000 rails installed for the purpose.

Seated only stadiums were made compulsory in 1994 by the amended Football Spectators Act 1989 and for almost 30 years only seated spectators were allowed at matches.

The safe standing trial will check the safety of standing during football matches to ensure it should be rolled out to other stadiums.

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Meta description: Safe standing seating is being trialled in a few football stadiums throughout 2022. Read our blog article to find out more about safe standing.