School Staging FAQS

24th September 2018

School staging

How effective is a CPS school staging system?

We have received lots of feedback from our school clients that a professional school stage system helps increase the confidence of their students and staff. This has also helped to increase the level of performance from both an audience and performers point of view.

There are many benefits associated with our school staging platforms including our unique and unrivalled lifetime warranty which offers a guarantee to the original purchaser of a staging system that our products are free from defects in workmanship and materials.

A CPS school stage system is extremely versatile, nice and compact to store, easy to put up and take down, light in weight and extremely strong and robust. The re-arrangement of usable space in the school hall, which includes the assembly of a tiered staging system, is a simple task that most can handle in just a matter of minutes.

The staging can also be used for outdoor activities and events such as creating a tiered seating arrangement for your school sports day. Our school staging has endless opportunities!

What accessories and options are available for school staging?

Many accessories and options are also available to complement a school staging system. Some of these include: single or multi-tiered steps, valance curtains, back drop curtains, fascia’s, handrails, choir holding borders, storage trolleys, lecterns, sound and light kits, etc.

We can fully customise your school stage to meet your exact needs and specification. Please note that accessories can always be added at a later date.

What is the difference between primary school staging and secondary school staging?

Primary school staging favours a more basic type of stage and our Alu Rapid Junior platforms are the most popular solution for primary schools. Alu Rapid Junior is a lightweight system which can be easily moved around and offers the school much more flexibility.

Due to the nature of performances that a secondary school will put on, our Alu Rapid platforms form a much stronger and sturdy stage to carry the extra weight on a set that may have to carry heavy props and/or a curtain system.

Which term of the year is the most demanding for school stages?

School staging tends to be used regularly throughout the academic year but in our experience, we find that the most demanding term is autumn which runs from early September to mid-December.

The lead up to Christmas will be the busiest period in the term with many nativity plays and performances taking place in the school hall.

For further details on the way in which the use of your school hall can be maximised please contact Tim Gilson on 01302 741888 or drop us an email here outlining your initials requirements. 

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