Specifying us Through NBS+ or BIM

22nd January 2018

NBS+ seating

As a leading UK manufacturer of innovative seating systems that are widely used in auditoriums and lecture theatres, we’ve enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for many years.

RIBA’s National Building Specification, better known as NBS+, is a popular specification tool used by architects and other professionals within the construction industry that describes technical and product particulars of a given project.

We currently have eight of our seating products listed in the NBS+ library and these industry approved N10 specifications can be of great assistance to architects when designing a new seating layout for a project. Please click here to access our products via NBS+.

The eight CPS seating products are as follows:

  • Asset A10
  • Asset A20
  • Asset A30
  • Bench seating
  • Cadet
  • Type
  • Vario
  • Inova ‘turn and learn’ seating
  • Collaborative bench seating

Specification writing continues to evolve, with digital ways of working and BIM is expected to accelerate the process. The NBS Specification Report of 2017 suggests that a third of survey respondents now believe that BIM will replace specifications altogether.

CPS is delighted to be a part of the new BIM era of digital modelling which helps architects to design seating layouts with greater clarity and accuracy using the exact requirements of our products. We have three seating products (Asset A20, Vario and Inova) available to download for free and can be viewed on the national BIM library here.

Traditionally, specifications tended to be one of the last items written before a package was issued for tender. One of the findings in last year’s report is that for some the specification process now tends to start earlier at the briefing stage and continues into the handover and close-out stages.

The NBS view is that the one third of respondents who think BIM will make specification writing redundant are perhaps not considering the true value of the specification. However, CPS has in place both traditional specification through NBS+ and a selection of key products have been BIM ready since 2016.

Please contact Julian Ashmore on 01302 741888 if you would to find out more about our prestigious range of seating and how our specifications through NBS+ or our BIM models can really assist your project. You can also get in touch with us via email.