Stage Blocks need Blocking!

12th February 2018

School staging

This week’s staging blog focuses on those schools out there that still use school blocks to create a stage for their children to perform on. We really don’t like them, and here are a few reasons why.

Old fashioned stage blocks are not only difficult to move around but are difficult to find storage space for and after a few years use can look rather unsightly to say the least. They can also stop schools from making the best use of the hall and on a more serious note they can be a major hazard if they are not manufactured to current standards and health and safety specifications.

A modern staging system from CPS has many advantages in that it is lighter, safer, more flexible and easier to move around and store than its predecessors ‘the old blocks’.  It also means that the school hall is available for greater use as the re-arrangement of space is something that anyone can handle in a matter of minutes.  

The staging can also be used for outdoor activities and events such as creating a tiered seating system for this year’s sports day. A winner’s podium can also be easily put in place with the addition of a few legs at different heights.

CPS would love to hear from you whether your staging requirements are simple or complex, large or small, so we can let you know how your school can benefit from a professional staging system.

For schools that require a small staging area we have a range of keenly priced staging packages to suit even the smallest of budgets. However, for older students and the more advanced performer, the need for a professional, often bespoke stage tailored to your needs is something we can provide.

A CPS stage also comes with an industry unique lifetime warranty which offers a guarantee to the original purchaser of a staging system that its products are free from defects in workmanship and materials.   

If you would like to have an experts view on the way in which the use of your school hall can be fully maximised and benefit from our latest package deals, please call Tim Gilson on 01302 741888 or email us.