Temporary Office Closure Due To Coronavirus

27th March 2020

COVID-19 Update
As a business, we have been following the COVID-19 announcements closely, as we’re sure all other companies are at the moment. In light of the recent developments we have taken the decision to close our offices from today until 20/04/2020 in line with the guidelines set out by the Government. This date will be continually reviewed based on further national developments.
The health and welfare of our staff and their families is the highest priority to us as a business and, as such, we feel it is no longer responsible to allow staff to work from the office unless it is for essential work. Some of our team will remain at work but this will be undertaken remotely.
It will be possible to communicate with a member of the Directors board at any time by emailing sales@cpsmanufacturingco.com in the first instance or by calling 07848 453730. We will be able to advise you further on any business requirements you may have and can discuss how we may be able to help with any essential needs whilst the premises are closed.
We would like to thank everyone for their understanding and hope that you all remain well during this difficult period.