What Universities Could Look Like When They Reopen

5th June 2020

What Universities Could Look Like When They Reopen

Universities across the UK suspended face-to-face teaching on the 17th March to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Since then students have been viewing online lectures and experiencing modified exams. Universities are currently planning to welcome students back in the new academic year. These are the precautions universities may be putting in place for September onwards.


Many universities have not confirmed their final decisions for Fresher’s week, including Lincoln. Other universities such as Aberdeen have decided to postpone the events to keep their new students safe. 

Students Unions

Similar to pubs and bars, Students Union buildings may need to remain closed and continue being online only until later in the year.


Some universities (including Newcastle, York) are looking to create a blended mix of online and face-to-face teaching for courses next year, whereas others are planning to stay online only (e.g. King’s College and Cambridge) and others are hoping to resume face-to-face teaching (such as St Andrews, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds).


It is likely that there will be less seating available for students in lecture theatres once face-to-face teaching resumes. Students may be required to adhere to the two-metre social distancing guidelines while sat in lectures and seminars. One way to enforce this is to let students use their common sense.

The other option for universities is to use the system provided by CPS, which affixing straps to stop the use of some tip-up seats with “Do Not Use” signs. You can contact us by emailing sales@cpsmanufacturingco.com.

Temperature checks

A non-contact digital infrared thermometer could be used at the entrances to lecture theatres, seminar rooms and canteens. The non-contact thermometers can measure people’s temperatures to check whether people potentially have the virus. View the infrared digital thermometers available in the VEWhygiene range from CPS.

Hand sanitising

The Government is recommending regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds. Hand washing and sanitising will be important before entering lecture theatres, seminars, canteens and university buildings to help stop the spread of the disease. CPS has a range of sanitising stations, hand gels, antibacterial hand soaps and antiviral disinfectants. Browse our range of sanitising stations and gels.

Face masks

Staff and students could be required to wear face masks to help stop the potential spread of the disease. View our range of reusable face masks, disposable face masks and face visors.

Safety signs

Universities may put up safety signs to remind staff and students to wash/sanitise their hands, wear face masks and maintain the two-metre social distancing guidelines. CPS has a range of safety signs available to order online.


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