Constructing a CPS Wheeled Stage

1st July 2019

wheeled stage

If you've ever had to move a heavy object from one area of a stage to another you will know how tricky it can be. Pianos are a classic example of this as they are rarely only needed in one permanent position. That's why CPS decided to create an easy to construct wheeled stage. This system allows you to place a heavy object on the stage but move it around the room whenever is required. There is no need to bring in a team to lift the piano, which is hard work, heavy and requires that the piano is retuned afterwards. 

So here is a quick step by step guide to constructing a wheeled stage. 



Step 1

Place the first section of the wheeled stage on the floor, into position and apply the brakes to all four wheels.


Step 2

Place wooden blocks below each Top Lock position in the lower section of the extrusion. 


Step 3

Wheel the next stage into position, ensuring the the edges are fully aligned.


Step 4

Place an allen key into the lock and rotate three quarters of a turn into the platforms come together.


Step 5

Repeat this step until each platform you require has been added to the wheeled section.


Step 6

Ensure the brakes on each wheel are applied when the stage is in its final position. This enables you to place all objects onto the stage without it moving.


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