You Can't Rush Perfection

25th June 2018


As a UK based manufacturer of quality seating and staging systems, the majority of our products are of a bespoke nature and we have very few ‘off the shelf’ products that are sat in our warehouse waiting to be shipped out.

Our products are manufactured to a very high standard and every project we handle receives our strict attention to detail treatment.  We don’t rush our manufacturing methods as we place a huge emphasis on quality and this is represented in the service we give to you and the products we supply to you. 

From a client’s perspective, it’s important to understand that once we receive a seating or staging order we then have multiple survey, design, procurement, manufacturing and transportation steps that require a rigid and structured process before our installation team can start working on site.

Staying on schedule might well become an impossible task if there’s a delay in actually placing an order with us as we have a certain lead time to manufacture the ordered products in readiness for the required date of installation.

Many of our clients working on tight summer projects in the education sector recognise this by identifying specific items with a longer than normal lead time, such as lecture theatre seating, and order earlier than expected to allow for any unexpected delays that might crop up.

Early ordering may be necessary on certain projects because of tight deadlines and is a good habit to get in to. Early ordering has the greatest value and is best practice but we’ve been around long enough to realise this isn’t always possible.

If you can’t place an early order because of a certain reason, please take all the relevant factors into account and ensure adequate planning for contingencies. We will try our very best to deliver on time but we cannot make any guarantees if an order is placed beyond the date we recommend.

For further information about our seating and staging systems or if you want to speak to us about our lead times, please contact the CPS team on 01302 741888 or drop us an email here.

From concept to completion we’ve had it covered since 1966.