Collaborative Bench Seating


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Collaborative teaching spaces are growing in popularity across the UK and it is allowing many new seating styles and formats to be explored.

The collaborative bench seat is relatively new to the market and provides an alternative solution to interactive teaching spaces in universities and colleges.

The new bench seating format encourages group work activity which allows educational establishments to implement new teaching methods and concepts.

CPS has designed, manufactured and installed a number of collaborative bench lecture theatre seating layouts universities which have therefore become their flagship teaching spaces.

Product selection:

  • Variable dimensions
  • Wide choice of finishes  
  • Disabled provision
  • Cable management for power and data if required 

What Makes Our Collaborative Bench Seating Unique?

Our collaborative bench seating is unique because it is offered with waterfall desks. Waterfall desks are favoured by architects in flipped lecture rooms. Find out more about what a flipped classroom is

Collaborative Bench Seating Case Studies

The Imperial College London provided collaborative bench seating for a collaborative learning space in their brand new Scale Space building. Read our case study about the Imperial College's collaborative seating project. 

King's College at the University of Aberdeen recently had collaborative bench seating installed into two flipped lecture rooms. Read about Aberdeen University's collaborative bench seating project.

Loughborough University also had collaborative bench seating installed in one of its lecture theatres, providing seating space for 86 people. You can read more about the Loughborough University collaborative bench seating case study

Embracing collaborative teaching methods, the University of Aberdeen recently had collaborative bench seating installed into a King's College lecture theatre, with approximate space for 276 students. 

We are always happy to answer any questions and would appreciate the opportunity to expand on the many benefits of our collaborative bench seating and our other seating solutions. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email for an informal discussion of your requirements.

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