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CPS Manufacturing is partnering with Jezet Seating to provide high quality and comfortable retractable seating. 

What is retractable seating?

Retractable seating is seating which can be folded away when it is not being used. Retractable seating can also be called bleacher seating or telescopic seating. 

What are the benefits of retractable seating?

The benefits include:-

  • Saving storage space 
  • Maximising revenue from events from number of seats
  • Providing optimum view for audience members
  • Providing flexible use of venue space
  • Providing comfortable seating for short and long events

Where can retractable seating be used?

Retractable seating is ideal for smaller venues right up to venues that need temporary seating for events due to its space saving nature and adaptability. These systems are used in concert halls, theatres, sports halls, arenas, schools, universities and conference venues. 

What retractable seating does CPS Manufacturing Co offer?

CPS Manufacturing is partnering with the leading retractable seating specialist Jezet Seating. Jezet Seating was established in 1973 and has been providing world class seating systems globally for 43 years. There will be a wide variety of retractable seating available due to the partnership. From small to large and curved to self-moving, the partnership will provide enhanced seating solutions with our exceptional customer service. 

Retractable Seating Case Studies

We have previously installed retractable seating systems with Jezet Seating. 

One example of our previous installations is the Lagoon Leisure Centre that required spectator seating to be retractable in its sports hall to make the best use of available space. Read more about the Lagoon Leisure Centre's retractable seating

Another previous project is at Lochaber High School which had retractable seating installed into it's school hall. Find out more about the Lochaber High School's seating

The University of Birmingham refurbished its Avon Room recently and installed 155 retractable seats to make the best use of the flexible lecture room available to students. For more information on this project, you can view our full University of Birmingham seating case study. 

Looking for seating for a venue that needs flexible floor space? You may also be interested in our demountable staging or bespoke seating

If you would like further information about our retractable, bleacher or telescopic seating solutions, please get in touch on or 01302 741888.

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