Stadium Spectator Seating


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Spectators will love absorbing the atmosphere of an event sitting comfortable on the arena or stadium seating available from CPS Manufacturing Co. 

What is stadium spectator seating?

Stadium seating is seating that has been specially designed and manufactured for stadiums or arenas. Stadium seating usually has the majority of seats sat at a higher level than the seats in front to ensure the spectator's view is not blocked and they can view the full event. 

What are the benefits of stadium seating?

The benefits of stadium or arena spectator seating include:-

  • Providing spectators with optimum views
  • Providing comfortable seating
  • Providing seating that can withstand rigours of events 
  • Providing long-life seating 

Where can stadium and arena seating be used?

Stadium and arena spectator seating is mainly designed, manufactured and installed in stadiums and arenas, however they can be adapted for a range of venues. The spectator seating can include tip up, folding and high backrest seats. Made from high quality and robust materials, our seating solutions are light and fire resistant as well as resistant to severe public use.

What stadium seating does CPS Manufacturing Co offer? 

CPS Manufacturing has AB seating, CR4 seating, A2 seating and Fansit seating available for stadiums and arenas. Our stadium seating comes with a lifetime warranty, which is unique for the industry.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our seating on or 01302 741888.

Lifetime Warranty - All CPS manufactured products carry a unique & unrivalled 'Lifetime Warranty'
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