H-Wash45V Van Tidy Sanitising Station

||||H-Wash45V Van Tidy Sanitising Station

H-Wash45V Van Tidy Sanitising Station

£522.00 exc. VAT

  • Manufactured from 70% recycled plastic
  • Slimline and compact making it suitable for delivery vehicles
  • Can be wall-mounted in an internal environment
  • Hands-free water supply with foot operated tap
  • Self-contained unit with easy-fill 45L storage tank, providing
    enough water for up to 225x 20 second hand washes
  • Used water is drained into a removable collection drum
  • Unit includes soap bottle holder, Paper towel dispenser,
    25L Grey/waste water collection drum and waste bin
  • 25KG (not including water and consumables)
  • W690 X H1405 X D302mm


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